Mr William Lie, Advocaat

Overview Legal Fields

Mr William Lie is a general practice lawyer. He advices entrepreneurs on business deals, legal obligations, ownership questions, internal affairs and penal aspects of their activities and the consequences of such. He does not only advice, he also prepares the various elements and proposes and implements solutions.  If necessary he starts and operates in legal procedures, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad – for as far as Dutch law is applied.

There are however some type of cases in which he has more experience. These type of cases are briefly described as follows:

Matching Lawyer, Bringing Parties Together

Already from the start of his career William Lie concentrated on what he called, Matching Activities. He matched international companies to enhance or create markets. Also financial aspects, such as finding investors for such developments, are part of his activities.  He did this both in real estate as well as in trade- and production activities.
It is not only finding the business partners, making sure they match, but also structuring the deal, the financial aspects, including financial partners and investors, as well as the proper division of the results. Also making sure the companies with ownership in those structures are managed and placed in such a way that all interests are suited. 

Everything Legal for Ships, the Owners, the Business, the Crews 

Apart from this William Lie, himself an enthusiastic ocean sailor, is very much involved in the maritime business, mostly on behalf of players in niche markets, both in Europe and the America’s. His activities here concern – among others – distribution rights and contracts as far as sales are concerned. But also production and insurance can be part of his involvement. With it, comes also the day to day trouble entrepreneurs run into. Such as labour disputes, commercial and insurance disputes, but also penal liabilities ranging from smuggling to theft.  One aspect of his activities in this field, is the security at sea. With special attention for security against violent intruders and piracy.    

Cyber – and Data Liability, both Civil and Penal

From the start of his professional career Mr William Lie has been involved in cases concerning tax fraud. Part of his interest in this field has to do with the penal aspects of economic and financial activities of clients and their business partners. From this and his experience with ATAR cases (see below)  he developed also his speciality in Cyber Security (also Maritime) and Data Protection. With the implementation of the GDPR he was educated in the aspects of data protection and functions as DPO. Furthermore, he is specialised in cyber crime through one of the training programs accepted by the Dutch Bar. And he himself has been educated in the tools of ethical hacking.

Asset Tracing and Recovery

As William Lie has experiences in the penal and fiscal fraud domain, following from his experiences with these fraud cases, he also got involved in the recovery of assets and valuables stolen or defrauded from investors and the like. He has helped tracking down valuables worth many millions of Euro’s and succeeded in assisting prosecutors to arrest and bring to justice perpetrators.
The handling of this type of cases requires not only an in depth knowledge of the various aspects of civil and penal law, but also being able to coordinate the players in the cases, ranging from local and international  lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, to managing the contacts with local police and international organisations such as Interpol.

One thing above all, is that his legal activities have an international element to it. Another aspect is that his legal work is aimed at trouble shooting, more then day to day advise. It is often case by case based. This also happens if Mr William Lie is asked to assist another firm – be it  a law -, accounting – or tax firm – on aspects the firm itself his limited time available for.


William Lie started as a lawyer (advocaat) at the Amsterdam law firm of Schut c.s. Advocaten (today DLA Piper). He worked there four years in various fields of law, but most importantly on the combination of penal and tax law, fiscal fraud and international business law. In this period he was very much involved with the Amsterdam Bar Association, as well as a member of the Bar Committee and as a member of the Bar Cabaret.

During this time he was offered the opportunity to start his own multi-disciplinary firm together with Rene de Vries, De Vries & Lie Lawyers and Tax Consultants in Rotterdam. This firm was among the first firms in The Netherlands that had a multi-disciplinary outset with accountants. William Lie specialized on advising businesses on international co-operation and enhancing their international market position. He was the leading counsel in many long term international co-operation structures and take-overs. He referred to himself as a Matching Lawyer, matching the needs and wishes of the various market players.

At the same time he became member of the board of London based Morison International.  During that time he created MILC, Matching Information for Long Term Client Corporation, a data base in which international clientele could be matched with potential business partners. He worked on the Board in London for almost 5 years.

At the end of these five years he was more and more involved with setting up new ventures. He was involved in the set-up of some internet companies and also started his own internet project, Casus Com, which was acquired by Elsevier Business. During this period he was involved with GSM services in The Netherlands as well as abroad. In the beginning of the new century De Vries & Lie combined with Sterke & Associés to become Sterke Lie & Associés. In 2008 William Lie was one of the few lawyers permitted by The Netherlands Bar  to open office in Monaco.

William Lie has been a non-executive director and on the advisory boards of various companies in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The United Kingdom and of course The Netherlands.

General Conditions

Article 1. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all client assignments to Mr William Lie, Advocaat. Mr William Lie is inscribed as civil and penal lawyer in the applicable register of the Bar Association.

Article 2. Assignments

All client assignments shall be accepted and carried out exclusively by Mr William Lie, Advocaat.

All client assignments given to Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall be governed by Dutch law.

No client assignments given to Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall ever conduce to legal advice on foreign law unless The Netherlands is party to such law or treaties and unless such advice on foreign law is specifically confirmed in writing by Mr William Lie . 
Within the framework of the fulfilment of client assignments, Mr William Lie, Advocaat, is authorized to call in third parties on behalf of the client. Where possible this shall be effected in consultation with the client, on the understanding that selection of bailiffs shall take place without consultation, in principle. Mr William Lie, Advocaat, is authorized to accept liability limitations from such third parties on behalf of or at the expense of the client.

The client shall indemnify Mr William Lie, Advocaat, against any claims by third parties and the expenses to be incurred by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, in connection with these claims, if these are in any way connected with the work carried out for the client.

Client assignments shall be carried out exclusively for the benefit of the client. Third parties cannot derive any rights from the contents thereof. If the client informs third parties about results of work carried out by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, the client shall be held to inform such third parties thereof in writing and client will make copies of such available to Mr William Lie, Advocaat.

Mr William Lie, Advocaat, keeps track of personal data in their client records. The records are kept exclusively at the registered office of Mr William Lie, Advocaat. Upon request thereto, access may be obtained.

For the duration of the legal obligatory period after closing a case, the file concerned shall be stored in the archives of Mr William Lie, Advocaat, after which it shall be destroyed without further notice.
These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all client assignments given to Mr William Lie, Advocaat. In the event of any amendment to these General Terms and Conditions by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, the amended General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all new client assignments as of the date of written announcement of such directly to client(s).

In specific cases – such as ATAR, Matching, Research and Reconnaissance – in which no client/relation has paid any remuneration or fee, Mr William Lie has the right to use information received or – found/ recovered in these cases for his own further purposes, such as publication, his journalistic activities  and the like.

Article 3. Remuneration

Mr William Lie, Advocaat, is entitled to a periodical adjustment of the fees applied by Mr William Lie, Advocaat. As of the year 2022 and until otherwise announced, a standard fee of €235,00 (two-hundred-and-thirty-five Euros) ex costs and taxes  is applicable unless an agreed  fee structure agreement is closed.

The fee notes to be sent by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall be paid within 30 days, in the absence whereof the client shall be in default, in which case the client shall be held to reimburse to Mr William Lie, Advocaat, all judicial and extra-judicial collection charges, including but not limited to the full legal fees incurred to this end, as well as the statutory interest.
Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall at all times be entitled to request advance payments for work to be carried out and expenses to be incurred. These shall be set off upon termination of the client assignment or, as the case may be during the assignment.

Article 4. Liability

The liability of Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall at all times be limited to the sum insured that shall be paid in such case under the professional liability insurance policies taken out by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, in case pursuant to the insurance cover notes. These insurance policies have limited cover, inter alia with respect to the amount of the damages and the number of insured events per year. Upon request access may be obtained to the insurance cover note. Should no payment be made by virtue of aforementioned insurance policies, regardless of the grounds, the liability of Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall be limited to two times the fee invoiced by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, in connection with the case concerned during a twelve month period directly preceding the date on which the event leading to liability occurred.

In the event that Mr William Lie, Advocaat, calls in third parties,  Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall not be liable for failure to perform on the part of such third party except for failure to perform on the part of Mr William Lie, Advocaat, itself to which the provisions here above are applicable. 
If the client brings legal action directly against a third party, the client shall indemnify Mr William Lie, Advocaat, against any claims by such third party in connection with such liability claim as well as against all expenses to be incurred by Mr William Lie, Advocaat.

All rights of legal action and other powers of the client towards Mr William Lie, Advocaat, in connection with work carried out by Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall lapse upon expiry of a one year term after the date on which the client has become aware of—or could in all fairness have been aware of—the existence of such rights and powers.
Furthermore, the liability limitation and exemptions of liability contained in these General Terms and Conditions, the expiry deadline and exemption clauses shall also apply to all extra-contractual claims by the client against Mr William Lie, Advocaat, if and insofar as these are connected with the fulfilment of a client assignment by Mr William Lie, Advocaat.

Article 5. Disputes

All our services are subject to a complaints procedure as made mandatory by the Bar Association of the Netherlands. If a complaint is not resolved after being handled in accordance with the complaints procedure, it may be submitted to the court of law specified hereinafter.

The legal relationships to which these General Terms and Conditions apply shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law. The competent courts in Rotterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes between Mr William Lie, Advocaat, and the principal. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding sentence, Mr William Lie, Advocaat, shall have the right to institute proceedings in any competent court of the principal’s seat or place of business. 

Mr William Lie, Advocaat, holds office in Rotterdam and is registered with the Commercial Register under number 66804485


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